Rejuvenate at Shine’s Vitamin IV Drip Bar

Vitamin IV Therapy

IV infusions offer fast relief of common conditions by replenishing fluids and essential elements like vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants directly into the body and straight to vital organs. Full effects are experienced a few hours following the treatment and last several days. Booster shots can be used to provide an immediate boost as well as prolong therapy effects.

Our Liquivida™ nutrient IV drip ensures you get all of the powerful vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs, so you can stay focused and energized to do more and feel great.

Iv bar


Anti aging

Slow Aging

This drip detoxifies the body and promotes noticeably healthier skin, hair and nails. Contains glutathione, B vitamins and vitamin C.

Iv fight sickness

Fight Sickness

If you are feeling under the weather or you’re already starting to feel ill with the cold or flu, this high dose of vitamin C and other nutrients will boost your immune system, so you can bounce back quickly and get back to living your best life.

Iv detox

Detox Your Body

The antioxidant properties of this IV drip help remove heavy metals from your bloodstream, creating a better flow of blood through your body.

Iv recharge

Long-Term Health

This is your one-stop-shop for all your nutrient needs. It can improve your mood, and rehydrate your brain and other important organs. Use this drip as a long-term strategy to stay healthy all year round.

Iv drip sport recovery

Athletic Performance

Perfect for anyone who wants to train hard. We recommend this drip before or after intense physical activity. Improve workouts by increasing stamina and muscle recovery.

Iv hangover cure

Beat a Hangover

This drip helps you recharge and rehydrate after staying out way too late under the stars. Not only does it keep your body hydrated, it also amps up your energy levels by strengthening your immune system.

Iv mental focus

Mental Focus

Fight stress caused by heavy workloads and long business days. This drip also helps you recover from jet lag, while giving you a sense of sharper memory and focus, so you’re alert and in the present.

Lighten skin

Lighten Your Skin

Encourage cell revitalization and regeneration, while detoxifying your liver and improving how your skin looks and feels. Achieve a brighter skin complexion and a youthful appearance after a series of treatments.

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